DISC0RD Video Requirements

The following must be met before a video will be accepted. Meeting these requirements doesn't mean something will be accepted, however.

- No NSFW, including suggestive and gore
- No watermarks on videos (exceptions can be made for some things, but never twitter/socialmedia handles)
- No videos from Twitter, its compression is horrible, and I will know it's from there
- Video must be a video, it can't just be audio and a static image or a looping gif/similar
- You must send links to video files OR Streamable (not recommended because it compresses videos)
- YouTube links are allowed but highly discouraged
- No videos less than 10 seconds long (exceptions are at my discretion)
- No earrape
- No giant captions on videos, ideally no captions at all
- Video must be at minimum 360p
- No references to events by relative time, such as a caption saying something like "America 7 months ago:", "America now:" (to avoid videos making no sense in the future)

General Guidance

- Don't compress videos yourself, if it's a good video I'll handle the compression
- When ripping YouTube videos, you should use youtube-dl or another lossless YouTube downloader
- Don't be afraid of .mkv files, if something you have is in .mkv format, that's ok, don't try converting it because that will degrade the quality
- Do not upload your video to any site you know compresses videos (YouTube, Streamable, etc)
- If you want a video to have a specific filename, send the file with that filename, or specify it (filename may or may not be changed, it's at my discretion)
- If you need to compress a video, use HandBreak or ffmpeg (if you know how to use it), and use a high bitrate and preferably encode it as WEBM
- If a file is too big to upload somewhere, try uploading it to catbox.moe, it has a decent file size limit
- If you are going to compress a video to lower its file size, DON'T, just upload it with catbox or a similar service