Contest is over

DISC0RD's 1st Birthday Contest

A few weeks ago DISC0RD hit its first birthday (I found out when Namecheap nagged me to renew the domain)

When it first started it was just a video randomizer with a few videos, and now it has grown to be... a video randomizer with a few more videos and a search lol

Anyways, now it has 437 videos as of September 16, 2020. So I figured to get people to do shit I'm gonna hold a contest, and anyone can participate.

Here's the gist of it

Join the Discord or email me and send me the best video you can find. It has to abide by the following rules:

- You have to send the video itself (can be a link to the video or Streamable if too large to send over Discord or email), NOT a link to YouTube or Twitter

- The video can't have originally come from Twitter, their compression makes everything look and sound like shit

- The video can't have a watermark of any kind

- Can't be a recording of someone's phone screen

- Nothing NSFW, that includes suggestive stuff or gore

- It's gotta be funny

All right fucker what do I get out of this?

If you win I will buy you any .XYZ domain and link it on DISC0RD's homepage. All you need is a Namecheap account (You can make one without buying anything).

One caveat though, if your domain includes the word "nigger", I won't link it on DISC0RD, but I will still buy it for you if you really want.

When does it end?

Not sure yet, depends on how many people submit videos. Possibly by the end of September? Not sure yet.